Keri Hilson cannot wait to make her grand entry to Lagos for the Airtel Trace Star show.  Do not think that it was only the show that is bringing her to Nigeria, she is yearning for our jollof rice. Keri is actually coming to discover the next top  star in Nigeria.

“Man! I can’t wait to get back to Lagos to see & hear all the talent from the AirtelTraceMS competition first hand,” she said  and added‘Oh, and jollof [rice].’ The show which is in its second season will be judged by  Olisa Adibua and Lara George.

Keri will play the role of mentor for the competing talents from Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. But fans will be disappointed to learn that Keri Hilson will not be coming to Kenya since the grand finale of the competition will be held in Nigeria.

She tells contestants ““It is truly an honour to help unearth the raw talent in Africa. I look forward to working with talent and ensuring that they are set on the path to stardom. Be professional, look good, inspire yourself, spark creativity, know what you want, work your craft…the time to live your dream is now,”