Some weeks back, the gist making the rounds was that KC of the KC Presh group had found love in the arms of pretty actress Ebube Nwagbo.

Then again, another gist started circulating that Ebube had got into a fight with KC’s former babe, Anita Joseph.

When Life and Beat confronted KC with the allegation, he denied the incident saying he didn’t know the actresses and nobody was fighting over him.

However, Anita Joseph has opened up to Life and Beat on her relationship with the Sengemenge crooner.

According to her, she had dated KC before he became this popular.

“We had a good time but KC was traveling so much. I had to tell him that we could not continue. He is a sweet guy. I call him Baby Love. We didn’t have any problem. I was the one that called it quits. When you want your man and he is not there for you, then you should move on. But we still keep in touch. There were no hard feelings at all.”

Concerning the alleged fight with Ebube, Anita said, “Actually, the incident happened during Jay Jay Okocha’s party in Lagos. I was dancing; the girl was stepping on me. If I had wanted a fight, I would have pushed her when she stepped on me.

“I saw KC and I asked him if he was dating Ebube but he said he didn’t know who Ebube was. We were in the car and I insisted. He said Ebube was just a big fan of his. He said the girl saw him and screamed and told him she liked his music. I asked him if they were sleeping together and he asked me why I wanted to know. He insisted they were just friends.”

But then, Life and Beat reminded her that the couple sat together throughout the party.

Anita said KC explained the reason to her.

“He sent someone to tell me that because he was sitting with Ebube didn’t mean they had anything to do together but just that he couldn’t find any other seat. He was very uncomfortable because I was sitting opposite them.”

Anita disclosed that she and Ebube used to be on talking terms before now.

“She cannot say she does not know me. We have clubbed together. She stays in Onitsha and I stay in Onitsha. I am sure KC has told her about me. But I am telling her now that whenever I want KC back I would take him. I am not ‘dragging’ him with anyone. Let her find somewhere else and lay her head and leave me alone.”

With the way she sounded, Life and Beat asked the actress if she was jealous of the relationship; it was as if that was all she needed to explode.

“I am not jealous. I still see KC whenever I want. She is not finer than me, so why should I be jealous of her? If I want him back, I still know how to get him. We had a very beautiful relationship. He used my name in one of his songs and I love it. I am only upset with him for lying to me and saying he was not dating Ebube. How can he be sleeping with her and yet he is coming back to ask me out?”

Anita disclosed she is in a new relationship and she is having the best time of her life.

“I have a boyfriend now. He is a footballer. I met him during that Jay Jay Okocha’s party. I am not going to tell you who he is because he warned me not to disclose it.”