Oluwatoyin Adewale, popularly known as Mama T is a regular face in Yoruba home videos. The Lagos State Polytechnic graduate of Business Administration who is married to a producer, Sunday Adewale, in this interview speaks on her fashion preferences. Excerpts:

DEFINITION of style.

STYLE, to me, is putting on anything that fits anything that sits well on me, anything that makes me happy. My style is simple but classic. My dressing is usually determined by occasions, events and mood.

Beauty regimen.

Nothing special, I eat good food, take a lot of water and do little exercises. For my skin, I use Makari body lotion, Mary Kay facial toner. I use mostly Mary Kay products because I discovered that the product is good for my skin. I go for massage and exfoliation once in a month or at times once in two months but it all depends on how free I am. I also do facials every fortnight. I use my make-up moderately.

,b>Choice of accessories.

I love wristwatches and necklaces a lot, I wear silver and gold colour depending on my dressing

Favourite designers.

Tiffany Amber owned by Folake Coker, House of Regalia by Funmi Ajila,Kunby’s Trendy by Olori Kunbi Elegushi and some local designers

Favourite perfumes.

Jadore and Affection. Then Journey by MARY KAY.

Favourite colours.

These days, I’m getting along with black because it brings out my colour; white and sea blue too are okay

Fashion item I can’t do without.

My Style. That is the name of the purse, my cousin sent to me from the US as a gift, it is so beautiful and stylish

Secret of beauty.

God’s grace and peace of mind

Diet and exercise.

Mostly, I exercise and sometimes I diet.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing.

Oh my! micro mini and bum short.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe.

My beautiful set of Swarovski jewellery

Opinion on toning.

It is okay to maintain one’s colour and keep the skin glowing but bleaching is a capital no.

On cosmetic surgery.

There is always a reason for taking a step, I do not think I have any reason to do it but for those that believe in it, good luck to them, so far it makes them happy

My take on provocative dressing.

It depends on individuals, your style may not be my style so, provocative dressing is not my style, one man’s food is another man’s poison

Special treat.

I go on a special trip with my family.

My hair and nails.

I have a very good hair stylist who knows how to handle my hair. Most times I fix Brazilian hair or leave it naturally. For my nails, I do manicure often but at times, I fix artificial nails especially when going for an outing.

What I will like to change about myself.

Nothing. I’m happy with the way I am.

Advice on how to stay young and beautiful.

Be at peace with yourself, eat good food and exercise your body regularly.

The craziest thing I can do in the name of fashion.

I can tint the whole of my hair to blonde or auburn.