Away from the scandal talks or even the woman talk! We are interested in what IK Ogbonna wears and what makes him look chic each time he steps out. There is hardly a time we see our handsome entertainer that he doesn’t give us a run for our fashion sense.

Each week, local designers come to him with varieties of clothes for him to choose from. Due to the nature of his work, he must appear neat and good. He talks about what keeps his clothes look great after ten years.

IK explains “I hang them and air them. I don’t often fold my clothes because when you fold them all the time, they get wrinkled and ironing them all the time causes them to look old quickly. When you also fold your clothes, bacteria can hide in them and you wouldn’t know. Hanging your clothes makes air to penetrate and free them of all bacteria.”

He doesn’t take his clothes to the laundry “I have a maid who does it for me at home. Laundry takes time and if you’re a busy person, you might not have the time to do it. In fact, I spend most of my time in hotels, so once I have dirty clothes, I call their laundry departments and they launder them for me.

He admires the local designers “I admire our local designers. Some of them make amazing designs which look good on you. Some of them that I patronise, their products make you conclude that they are thinking out of the box. I am not a foreign designers freak. I love local designers who do great jobs. As long as a cloth looks good on me and I’m comfortable in it, it’s okay with me. … I can spend as much as I like on a shirt I really love, but not exceeding N150,000.”