Fast rising comedian, Ajayi John Olusegun, has carved a niche for himself with his brand of comedy that is motivational. Segun, popularly known as Segun Dangote, comes across as a suave and dynamic compere with a passion for excellence in every thing he does.

The ‘humotivation’ boss who recently had a successful show at the MUSON Centre alongside other big names in the comedy industry and motivational speakers, tagged: Sometime in August, hails from Ekiti State. from a family of five.

Olusegun, who believes that anything under the sky is possible, has been a huge inspiration to the younger ones. The handsome and lanky compere puts across this message through a creative means of strictly ethical and motivational humour.

The public speaker and final year student of Computer Science at Yaba College of Technology spoke about his foray into his genre of comedy, how he came about his stage name, female fans among others.

The beginning
It started from church. I was in church on a Wednesday service and a comedian was called up to perform. It was a great performance, something dropped in my mind that Segun you can do better than this. I then decided that one day, I would come on the altar and make people laugh, make them happy. One Wednesday service, I got on stage to perform and the response was wonderful.

Teju Babyface, who was present that day, started looking for me and later saw me the other day and asked if what he witnessed on that Wednesday was my first performance and I said yes. He encouraged me to be doing it for a living. He also promised to assist me. I just felt that I could make people happy, I could bring smiles on peoples faces then I did and someone saw greatness in me and decided to take me up and that was how it all began.

Studies and comedy
It is like combining sleeping and waking up. It is natural. I think it is just all about setting ones priorities right. I go for lectures when I’m supposed to, do assignments and write exams. And when it is time for shows, I also go. But in a case when shows are clashing with other important things such as exams, I let the shows go because there would be more shows to attend.

Source of jokes
I would say my environment and my experiences. Things that happen around me, to me and to people around me are my sources of jokes. It is a combination of my experiences and things around me.
My jokes are strictly ethical and motivational. It is a combination of motivational speaking and comedy. We don’t just make people laugh. What we do is while we make them laugh, bring joy and happiness, we also pass a message of inspiration and motivation to them to help them take bold steps that would help them fulfill their destiny. We help them do the things they were born and created to do.

The name Segun Dangote
When I was going into comedy, I knew there were quite a number of people and I just felt that one of the things that would stand me out would be my name. I have always wanted a name that will arouse curiousity, a name that would be commercial, a name that would be popular enough. Like now, if I tell you my name, in six months time, you might not remember Segun but there is a likelihood you would remember Dangote. I didn’t actually steal the name. I am sure that Dangote himself would be happy that a smart kid somewhere is using his name for something good.

Role model
I don’t think I have someone who is a complete role model. It would have to be a combination of some people that I have actually looked up to over the years. It could be a combination of Sam Adeyemi, Ali Baba, Richard Mofe Damijo, Teju Babyface, and Aliko Dangote. All the traits and characters they have put together if they can find them in one man then that man would be my role model and since a human being cannot have all those traits we could give it to God. So, I think God should be the role model of every one who wants to be successful.

How do you relax
I work. When I am on stage I’m relaxing, I have fun and enjoy myself and in what I am doing. So, while working, I think I have fun and, of course, once in a while we go out to the cinema, go to visit friends and we go to other people’s shows and watch other people perform, while you sit and enjoy.

Female fans
Being a professional, we ought to know when to draw the line. We can’t run away from the fact that most of your fans would be females but as they come, it is our responsibility to draw the line as to whether the person would be a fan or a friend. I think it is all about setting your priorities right.

Future plans
What I intend to do as a new comedian is doing the whole thing in a new way. Because there is no point coming up when you don’t have anything new to offer the public. There would be television and radio shows but we are going to make it different. It is going to be the motivational comedy thing. Whatever medium that we are using, it is going to be an avenue to pass ‘the you can do it message’. We want the average youth to believe that you can still make it in Nigeria legitimately and that is the message we are passing through humour.

The big names in the industry have actually been supportive like Alibaba, though I have not met him personally but he has been a good inspiration to me. Teju Babyface, has been very supportive and encouraging.

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