Weeks after photos of Nollywood burgeoning actress, Iheme Nancy otherwise known as Paragon Beauty went viral online, the delectable actress has come after her critics in a comment where she placed them as being worst than what she simply displayed through the photo.

To mark her birthday, Paragon Beauty released slaying photos of herself, and it ended up having a trend online with so much criticism and admiration from her fans and followers.

Since the release of those sexy and stunning photos, tongue let loose to do what it is known best for, wagging, even while the weird actress then issued a “send-nobody” statement and reaction to it all.  

Describing the comments made by her critics as an empty rant of “a pot calling kettle black,” she went further to urge them to be original with their lives, than living in the shadows of “what people would say.”

Interestingly, while some of her fans and followers condemned the slaying photos, her most ardent admirers who however understand her style hailed her uniqueness and originality towards life affairs.