A 36 year old Sakiru Bello has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for the murder of his wife and mother of three children.

The accused said that it was not his intentions to kill his wife. He called her on February 18th and they both went to the Island but on getting back, the bike they boarded was hit by a commercial vehicle and she hit her head on the ground.

When they got home she kept on complaining about her head and gave up the ghost. He said he was not able to take her to the hospital or call her parents because they are not in good terms. But an idea struck him to chop her body in pieces so that he will be able to dispose it which he did.

He rapped the dead body in a sack and took it t an uncompleted building to bury the parts in different holes.

The father of the deceased said they reported the case to the Area “B” Police Command when they did not see the decease. “When we called him, he said he was somewhere in Ibadan and gave us an address. However, when we got to the address, he was not there. Luckily, police arrested him in Lagos where he was hiding. He is denying that he killed her, but he cut her corpse into bits. All we want is proper investigation and justice in this case.” The father said.

Speaking about the incident, the sister of the decease said the sister had earlier complained a year ago that the husband wanted to use her for rituals so the two families came together and they separated. Even though she has been the one catering for the family after buying the man ‘danfo’ and moto bic.

Although the man has not confessed if he actually used her for rituals or not but investigation is still on going.