Controversial OAP, DaddyFreeze and convener of FreeTheSheepleMovement has been called out by comedian, Mr. Jollof and has dared daddy freeze to drag Muslim leaders, Traditional rulers and native doctors into his regular shades and condemnation.


DaddyFreeze has constantly been in war with churches, pastors and their religious practices, claiming that Christians and pastors are the main cause of the problems we are faced with in Nigeria. Prior to the dare and challenge posed by Mr. Jollof to the OAP, the comedian had reminded him that pastors were not the cause of Nigerian problems but politicians.

“Daddyfreeze you say na religion be the problem for Nigeria, no be politician. But i dey get problem with your comments, why you dey always focus on pastors. Why you feel say na only Christianity be the only religion wey dey cause problem for Nigeria? Right now, i want dare you, make you find Muslim leaders wey be the problem too. You no fit tell me say na all Muslim leaders na him good, the way some pastors no take good too. I want make you talk about some Muslim leaders, if you fit i go give you hundred thousand, no be joke, no be disrespect. And i want make you talk about the traditional leaders too wey dey fvck up. I want make you talk about all those juju too, because na only Christians you dey talk about and the thing dey pain me because na my religion you dey chook hand for him eye.”