A former Big Brother Naija housemate, Doyin, has revealed that she enters into a relationship for the purpose of having a good time with her partner but not necessarily to marry him.

Breaking away from the conventional belief of marriage and relationship, Doyin, in a recent interview said, “I never really date to get married; I date to have a good time. I date because I enjoy your company; I date for companionship, whether it leads to marriage or not”.

When asked about s3x, she clarified that it’s a part of companionship, but not the primary reason she dates.

“I mean, s3x is part of companionship, isn’t it? But it’s not the main reason I’m dating. I date for companionship, not for marriage, so if it doesn’t lead to marriage, I’m fine; we had a good time. But if it does okay, I’m fine with doing a life partnership if a marriage doesn’t come up”, she said.

Doyin’s stance challenges the traditional view of marriage as the ultimate goal in relationships, instead, she prioritises emotional connection and a lifetime partnership, whether or not it’s legally recognised.

“At the end of the day, what is marriage really? Is it about signing papers? It’s not important to me, and I’m not trying to talk down on constitutional marriage.

“Companionship is important to me, so I would like to have a lifetime of companionship, whether we’re married or not. I just want to have someone who is my person for the rest of my life, so it’s not important to me that we have to be legally married,” she concluded.