Mufutau Sanni fondly called (Ajigijaga), a named gotten as a nick name from a movie role he played years back before his demise.

His wife Taiwo Sanni, shocked many when she converted to Christianity and she was highly criticized for it.

Now left alone to carter for her two children as she claims that the family of her late husband abandoned her shortly after his demise.

Speaking with Encomium, she disclosed why she had converted to Christianity as well as other thing many never knew about her.

So many people do not know that the single mother of two hosted a three in one event on the Thursday, September 15, 2016. The event will hold at Top Garden Event Centre, Alagbado, Ogun State.

The event was about the launching of her debut album into the gossip music sector, the launching in the memory of her late husband as well as the birthday of her second baby.

On why she abandoned Islam, she disclosed that she embraced Islam because of her husband and now that he is no more and his family has also abandoned her, she decided to go back to Christianity.