Nollywood actor Bigvai Jokotoye recently got married to his American based lady. 


Bigval has revealed how he met his wife last year and fallen in love with her. Actually, it was not in the US that they met but here in Nigeria. He also said why he wanted a secret wedding instead of the elaborate wedding most celebrities are going for

He said  ‘We met last year and we got talking before we fell in love with each other. We actually prayed about it and our families met. Now, we are married. We started dating since last year, almost a year now. Her attitude and meekness got me attracted to her in the first place. She is a well-trained woman who is very religious with the fear of God which is the most important thing on earth. When you meet a partner that fears GOD, you should be rest assured of a happy home. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,’ he told the website.

 How did he win her over ? He narrates  :I wooed her when we started talking on phone; I talked to her like a normal man would do. Though she knew I am an actor, she has never discouraged me. She works with California State Government as a nurse. I didn’t meet her in the USA like what some bloggers are writing, I can’t rush into such marriage. People are saying a lot of rubbish but I kept mute. How can I meet her in the USA when I did my introduction in Nigeria? We met in Nigeria before she travelled.”

On why he went for a secret wedding  “I did a secret wedding because it’s been my dream as a child. My close friends know I always tell GOD I want a low key wedding, I hate parties and that is why you don’t normally see me at functions. My parents tried to encourage me but I never wanted an elaborate wedding. Now, I have done my wedding and nothing again.”