Another Yahooze exponent is in town, he’s name is Kelechi Ogbonna Orji, aka Kelly Hansome. A US- returnee on Kennis Music label, his ‘Maga Don Pay’ number is currently topping the charts, raising the roofs at nightclubs, radio and television stations, leaving the hip-hop artiste smiling to the bank. In an interview about his reaction to allegations of a blind imitation of Olu Maintain’s Yahooze.

From nowhere, Kelly Hansome is the newest crooner in town.

First of all, I am from Ala, Owerri in Imo State.

How did music start for you?

It has been a long time, since 1993. I started by playing instrument to singing and producing.

What inspires your kind of music?

I do urban music. Youths are going into thing. You know what I mean, because there is no job, there is nothing to do.

So, does Maga Don Pay glorify or condemn internet fraud?

The song is just there. The song is simply saying no matter what happens, give thanks to God. I can’t say it is celebrating or condemning crime, it just like DMX. They sing about drugs and stuff like that, they could be more religious than anybody out there. I am just trying to be commercial, like D’Banj, I am an entertainer and I sing about what’s going on and I make my money.

How rich has this song made Kelly Hansome?

Waoh, you don’t want to know.

So, it’s paying?

Of course.

After this, what next?

After this, I am the bomb. That’s what’s next.

Have you dropped the full album?

We actually have an album, but it has to be repackaged by Kennis Music.

The music industry is obviously getting bigger what do you think is responsible for this?

Originality is the thing. It is now clear to the world that music started in Africa. They have just seen the explosion.

D’Banj, Olu Maintain, Weird MC, Kween, Banky W and now Kelly Hansome share similar history. You represent the tribe that left our shores, and returned to raise the game……

It was not this groovy, but now you can see what is happening. When Kennis called, I had to answer them and I didn’t know them before now.

How much is you deal with them?

We have spent real money; we have shot five straight videos. Kennis Music and BMI shot the video and am an international star now so you can address me like Wyclef.

Who do you look up to in Nigeria music scene?

I am two personalities in one. Am a singer and a produces, so everybody inspires me.

Outside the shores of Nigeria.

I love Jay Z.

Back at home, critics say you copied Olu Maintain’s Yahoozee?

That is a big lie. There is a whole lot of difference.

So, you didn’t set out to imitate Olu Maintain?

No, I didn’t do that, by the way who is accusing me? I need to know before I react. Are you accusing me of copyright theft?

Let’s know where you were before now?

I was schooling. I started music; it wasn’t working out, because it wasn’t my time. So, I had to travel out.

What did you study?

Computer Science, but now I am studying Recording Arts, so as to produce quality music and videos.

How would you describe you kind of person?

Cool, sexy, calm and creaminal. I mean cream.

You say you are sexy and cool, are you in any relationship at the moment?