Pretty actress, Tonto Dike is a happening babe in Nollywood. Less than two years in the movie industry, the babe has got enough scandals to last her a life time.

But does she care? You wish! Tonto is still smoking hot and living her life.

To add to the list of the gists about Tonto, grapevine said she inscribed the name of her alleged movie director/ boyfriend on her ankle.

It was rumoured that the ace movie director, who is also married, actually brought Tonto into prominence by putting her in all his movies.

Anyway, the actress, while speaking to Life and Beat recently, said the tattoo on her leg did not have anything to do with any man.

“See me, see wahala o! Ha! What is my name? Is my name not Tonto? The tattoo on my leg is Tee. How come people now say the name is that of the movie director? In case you don‘t know, my friends call me Too or Tee, because some of them find it difficult to pronounce my name. I don‘t know when it became a crime for me to use my name as a tattoo on my leg. Abeg, I am tired of this joo.”

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