Some would say that love is magical and blind but some others do not agree to this saying but as for Comedian Seyi law one would say that considering the things he did for love, that his love was actually blind.

Ace comedian Seyi law has revealed some of the things he did for the sake of love and the most painful part of the story was that the girl did not appreciate his love neither did she return it back.

He said that because he was so much in love with the girl, when he relocated to Lagos after his secondary school he would have to leave home around 4a.m and travel from Lagos to Benin just to behold the love of his life. He was practically doing that almost every week and he would spend about 10 hours on the dilapidated road and still returned the same day.

How unfair life could be, despite the whole struggle to gain the heart of this beautiful lady, he ended up marrying another person. 

Come to think of it, now that Seyi law has got money and fame, do you think if he wasn’t married now if he approached that same young lady, will she agree to marry him?