Muma Gee may not be a commercial success, but when it comes to music, the diva sure knows what the time is. She has come to be known and appreciated as one of the prominent female musicians in Nigeria.

And when she was included as one of the celebrities in a soon-to-be-aired reality TV show organised by a multinational company, a lot of people believed her presence would trigger a lot of drama, going by her sultry and seductive roles.

Expectedly, Muma may have caused a sensation in the show. The gist that is making the rounds is that she was caught in the ‘act’ with actor Emeka Ike in the bathroom.

But reacting to this, Muma said the story is false, adding that she was shocked to hear it. “I don’t know what these people are insinuating. It is not true at all. Emeka Ike is a married man. It was just that we were very close when we were in the camp. As for sleeping with him, that story is just false,” she said.

As shocking as she might find the allegation, however, Muma said she was not bothered by the “stupid stories.”

“I have developed a thick skin against these scandals and allegations. I have something important I am doing and I am moving on with my life. People can continue wasting their time by saying rubbish. called Emeka on the phone to hear his side but the calls could not go through.