Nollywood Actress and producer, Laide Bakare, says she does not shop in Nigeria for all her fashion needs.

The actress who plies her trade in her native language of Yoruba, made this declaration on a documentary and reality television show monitored by

An Un identified aid of the actress had call Bakare to inform her that she is about to pick up some clothing items for her (Laide Bakare) from a Lagos boutique , but Bakare quickly replied “you know I do not shop for anything in Nigeria, not that I am against made in Nigeria goods, just that I want quality in everything I buy” she said.

After listening to her declaration, cannot help but ask , if Laide Bakare who produces her movies in Nigeria, and Nigerians buy her movies and buy tickets to watch in cinemas, refuses to patronize our local fashion industry but takes her money abroad to shop should experience a situation that other Nigerians snubs her movies In preference for Hollwood productions what will happened to the growth of our movie and fashion industries, and ultimately the Nigerian economy.?

We wish to also ask our miss foreign products, the Ankara fabrics you wear are they also made in Europe, America or Asia. Your statement “I do not shop in Nigeria” was it born out of a desire to over hype yourself on television or a huge hunger for lies.

Laide Bakare is a Nigerian actress and producer with movies like “Ijo ya”, “Daddy Daddy”, “Bewaji”, among others to her credit.