Classy music singer and budding actress, Lami Philips, prefers to do things quietly and to her very own taste without being controlled and to a large extent, she is enjoying her style of life.

The singer in a recent interview with Pulse stated that she prefers people to associate with her through her works rather than pick on her private life which she holds dear to her heart.

Although, some people believe that celebrities don’t have a private life once they are in public, but for Lami, there it is two different lives entirely which should not be merged in whatever way.

She explained that when it comes to private life, people need to handle it with wisdom so as not to lose its values. “You have to handle your personal life with a lot of wisdom.”

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Lami noted that the reason why she shows her private life once a while is that when people do not have what to say, they sum up the conclusion about their celebs.

“The only reason why I would put out my private life once in a while, is because in the absence of information, people come to some conclusion or make assumptions,” she said.