Controversial Nollywood actor  and  model Emmanuel Ikubese who  won the Mr Nigeria pageant and become the 1st Runner-Up in the Mr World pageant took us back to his childhood where he revealed the type of person he was then and also why he doesn’t like women a lot. Remember the controversial role he played in fifty, it got all of us stunned.

Talking about his childhood “I was a stubborn person as a kid, but I have changed as an adult. I am the first child of the three. I have a younger brother and a kid sister.  My parents flogged me a lot when I was a kid because I was stubborn but that made me a better person as an adult.”

Emmanuel is just a God fearing person that is passionate about what he is  doing, about Nigeria and the society at large.  He is also passionate about making a positive impact in people’s life. Though , he is a very private and family oriented person, he loves his family a lot.

Does he love women?  He replied “I don’t like women a lot as you think. Friendship and relationship is not about the external look.”