Nigerian rapper, Vector Da Viper, is not happy with the high rate of drug abuse in the society. The artiste believes everyday, children are exposed to too many threats.

Vector called on parents to ensure their wards do not go astray because of the many dangers they are exposed to nowadays.

The rapper made this known following the recent danger of a new drug called ‘Flakka’, which is making users go naughty.

“Kids are so exposed to too many threats. Everybody and everything now is business. Fake drugs that kill people & synthetic ones with the same aim. Since parents can’t caution on social media, captivity of demonic proportions disguised as freedom emerges! Live Don’t leave,” the artistes said.

Vector said he is “not even trying to be ‘holier than thou’. Anything that is bad from the jump like this damn ‘flakka’ sh*t is a no no.”

‘Flakka’, otherwise known as ‘gravel’, is an NPS (New Psychoactive Substance) and users can often end up hallucinating and acting dangerously.