5 Star Records signee, Kcee, over the years has been able to maintain his relevance in the buzzing Nigerian music industry and he knows when to release a single and when to keep calm.

Not many love his style especially when it comes to dressing as he is perceived to get it wrong when it comes to colour combination but he had rather remain calm than talking about it and firing back at any fan.

Having grown in the industry with various experiences, the singer believes he still needs to learn from those criticizing him rather than fire back at things said or written about him.

According to him while speaking with Hiptv, “I think from experiences I have had over the years I’m always calm when stories about me comes up, no matter what is said about me I’m not moved, rather I learn or adjust from whatever is said about me and know the right thing to do  and I know when I am going wrong. So whatever they say about me you can’t see me react I only have to just learn and if I am doing the right thing I just focus.”