Veteran actor, Sola Sobowale took to her Instagram page to give talented filmmaker Kemi Adetiba a shout out on her page. According to her, Kemi Adetiba was able to bring out the best in her.

She wrote;

It is hard for me to find words to describe this lady next to me, the one and only @kemiadetiba. I remember when I first received the @kingofboysmovie script. My initial reaction was, “Kemiiiiiii, what do you want to do with me!!!!” Then she reassured me that I can do it. Can you imagine that? Someone telling you what you are capable of doing.

It is amazing that Kemi sees in me what I did not even see. I then said “Okay, do what you want to do with me” and let me tell you something, she took those words and ran with them.

A master of her craft, she directed, instructed, pushed, shoved, controlled and administered. She does not only see the actor, she sees the person. At a point, Kemi shouted “Aunty S!… Cut! Someone get Aunty S a chair and a bottle of water”, I asked why.

It was not until I held the bottle of water that I realized I was quivering immensely. She pushed me beyond a level I had never crossed. I exercised muscles I did not know I had, all because she believed in me and trusted that I will deliver.

This is just a pin size of what I experienced during the production of KOB. All of this is to say, Thank you for your resilience, your direction, and most of all your love for me.

Where others have Plan A, B, or C, you made me your ONE AND ONLY Plan for the role of Alhaja Eniola Salami. You are truly a master of your craft, lover of the ART and as I always say from Glory to Glory, that is your name ??

“King of Boys”

For a while now, we’ve seen teasers of the Kemi Adetiba-directed King of Boys and now the trailer is out. After seeing Kemi Adetiba’s work in The Wedding Party we knew she was only going to make great movies. Although we missed her on the movie’s sequel, this new trailer is looking like the most badass Nigerian movie we’ve seen.

In the film, Sola Sobowale plays Alhaja Eniola Sarumi, a businesswoman, philanthropist and aspiring politician. At the peak of her career, her past dealings in the crime world catches up with her and she must outwit her enemies by any means necessary.

The movie cast is packed with some of our faves including Adesua Etomi, Sharon Ooja, Reminisce and Ill Bliss. Interestingly, Adesua finally shows her Yoruba side in the trailer and we can’t wait to see what her charcter is all about.