The current unhealthy economic challenges in Nigeria is becoming worrisome for many citizens with some trying to seek solace abroad while others stay behind with hope that things will be better.


Just in May, the Nigerian Labour Congress, declared a warning strike in the country due to the increase in pump price but to the surprise of many Nigerians, the protest turned out to be extremely poor as Nigerians turned their back on the congress.

Some were of the opinion that they have lost interest in NLC because they don’t fight for the public interest but for their selfish gains.

One of those who is not comfortable with the Labour Congress, is Nollywood actor, Michael Bobby Obodo, who disclosed that he was once mislead by the organisation as he organised a protest in Canada and that got him into trouble with the Police.

According to him, “RIP to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC). Your credibility died a horrible death at the last OccupyNigeria protest. I was mislead by the NLC in 2012. Never again! I organised occupynigeria in two cities in Canada; got into a run-in with the cops as a result.”