Nigerian actress and video vixen is the new cover girl for Tayor Live Magazine’s latest issue. The magazine which was themed “Confession” had Beverly spilling what she says she hasn’t discussed with anyone in a while.

She said;

Confusion and depression took a huge toll on me After BBA(The Chase ) 2013, even though I made history in the game ( I was never nominated for eviction through the entire show).

Struggled to be myself, when the society pressured me to be someone else. I have always been accused of affairs and things I knew nothing about, and it broke my heart deeply.

Speaking to God but never really felt I got a response may be because I did not Understand calling… I had two near death experiences …


No matter how much I felt I didn’t have anything to live for in 2015, deep inside my soul I knew I wanted more. I chose to reshape my reality and how I perceived my life.

I cried and begged God for wisdom and direction.. and then it hit me, I realized direction is better than speed. It’s hard to sacrifice speed when you are used to being on a fast track in life, this was hard for me to understand.

I know I’m a work in progress and I have so much in me to make the world a happier place.

Being a Model and an Actor has always been my source of expressing myself.


I am in love with being a creative and a storyteller, but somewhere along the line, I was starting to get stereotyped and being projected as a bad girl. It bothered me when I was put in a box when I have so many more stories to tell the world.

It’s all about headlines, appearances, covers and what people think, but they’re not seeing my soul.

I just do the work I love to do. And at the end of the day, if people love it, they love it, if they don’t, I am okay with that and will make corrections. I am a creator of arts forever.

I will continue to strive to be worth knowing not well known I am BEVERLY OSU and this is my Confession



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