Oluwole Wemimo, known as Wehmmy Smith has fallen in love with Cynthia Morgan. The singer who was sick last year December to the extent that all his friends thought he was going to die is afraid of women because he has been warned to be careful of them.

 He said about women “I actually take them as friends. When it comes to the issue of women, I am extremely careful. I have been told to be careful when relating with them. When I say I am extremely careful, it doesn’t mean that I stop myself from relating with them. Ladies can make or mar an artiste’s career.”

He reveals his love “My celebrity crush is Cynthia Morgan. I have met her before. What I love about her is her style of music, her beauty and sexy curves. I will love to work with her.”

Smith said “Actually, I have been on braids for about six years. I started wearing dreadlocks last year. What inspired it was that I was told in my church not to cut my hair. I decided to switch from braids to dreads because I was being told by people that it is abnormal for a guy to be wearing braids. I use the earring because I am a fashion freak. People shouldn’t judge me by my looks but by who I am within. I am a very easy-going person. No matter how unusual I look, I am a God-fearing person.”