One of Nigerians popular singers, Temitayo Irawo, once had a lucrative job but she decided to quit and has no regret doing it as a singer.

Irawo has a new album she will be releasing soon and that is one reason why she is loving what she is doing.

She said, “The title of my new album is Olorun Majemu, which means the God of covenant. I dedicated the album to God for keeping His covenant in my life. There is a covenant between God and me where He told me that the more I pray to Him; the more He would bless me. The fact that I am singing His praises is my way of holding on to the end of my bargain. I have only four tracks on the album and they are purely praise songs.

She added “I became a gospel singer because I was called by God even though I did not want to honour the call initially. I later accepted it and I bless God because ever since I heeded His call, I have been flourishing. I have been to Canada, Paris, and other countries to praise God. I was working with an insurance company till God called me and I had to quit my job and heed God’s call. I am not an entertainer but a minister of God through my music.”