Veteran Nollywood actress, Sola Sobowale better known as Toyin Tomato, has had her fair share of the ups and down in the industry, yet she has still continued to remain relevant in the industry for decades and still counting.

Not always in a rush to achieve things, the actress believes that her understanding of people around her has to a large extent helped her become a better person as the day goes by.

She stated that bring people close and always smiling at them helps position the individual in the hearts of many and helps to prolong one’s live.

Toyin explained that she has been able to look radiant all the time because she does not allow the virus of frowning get into her head hoping that such style will enable her to live above 100 years.

Speaking about her beauty secrets with Tribune newspaper, Sola stated, “Am I beautiful? (Laughs) People that scheme and lie always frown. I’m always smiling but when you frown, that is how the virus enters the head. I’m as free as a dove and I carry people along. I call my director Oga but how old is he? He’s my Oga because we are all friends. This is why I will live long and pass hundred. It is when I tell God that I’m ready.”