For buxomly beautiful Adaora Ukoh, being big is not a barrier to being sexy and active in whatever one does.
Despite her size, she is sexy and very active. With a strong passion for the entertainment world, this Anambra-born lady has her acting career dated back to when she was a teenager.

She started acting before she turned 16 and today, she is a lawyer and a professional actress who has featured in several movies including ‘Black bra’ which brought her to limelight.

In this interview with Aramide Pius, she speaks on how she intends to infuse her experiences as a lawyer into the entertainment industry. Excerpts:

The movie industry
Well , I have been trying to work hard. I have been working for a while now; I thank God for His mercies. I don’t intend to get out; I am in the industry to stay. Looking at the fact that I read Law, a lot of people will be wondering why I am not in the legal profession to practice,but acting is not something I want to do for a while and let go. I intend to infuse a part of law called Entertainment Law into my acting. I truly believe a lot in the profession and that is why I want to stay and make the best I can out of it. I actually started as a teenager, but then I did not get the support from my parents, so I quit. I was not up to 16 when I started. Professionally, it is about three years now that I have been acting.

Parental support
They did not entirely support me. My father is late now, as a matter of fact, he died when I was in year one at the university, but my mum was actually very indifferent to it. If it was basically my mum, I am sure she would have pushed me and go all out to support me. Now that I am all grown, I have gone to school and out, and I have decided that here is still where I want to be, and still not lose my Law profession because of the entertainment. She does not bother me. I just feel I am an entertainment person.

Inspiration to fans
Acting on its own is a lot because it affects the life of others. I try as much as I can to really interpret my roles very well and I try not to intimidate any younger one on set with me. I actually think it is something even if not enough. Also, whoever I meet or whoever wants to come into the industry, I try as much as I can to make them feel at ease… like if I am on set with a new artiste, I carry them along, I don’t try to intimidate them and make them feel that they are not up to me. Right now, there is a project that I am working on which I know will definitely affect the lives of people positively.

Fitting into roles
I work hard to enter the character and I also work on every part of it, the make up, costume and everything about the role. I also go the extra mile to research into such characters so that I can fit in perfectly into that particular character. I also watch a lot of movies and see other people play such roles in other movies. I am a simple outgoing person. I must say that I love life and I want to get the best of life and I love entertainment. I also love to relax when I am not working.

Lucky guy
He is there, he is doing fine. He is not in the industry. As a matter of fact, he does not even live in Nigeria . I hope it works, and I believe that by the grace of God, it will.
I have not done much of romantic roles but then, I think I will wait for his response when such comes out. Like the last one I did, I had some part where I had to be kissed and all that, but I don’t expect him to take that to heart because it is my job and I just have to do it.

Career versus spouse
I will choose my job straight away because I don’t see any reason why a man will want to put his spouse in a dilemma. He met me doing the job and so he should understand. Even if we are married and he feels funny about a particular case, we should sit down as a couple and talk about it, go through the script together anddiscuss the implications of the roles, not for him to compel me to be choosing between my career and him. If anyone tells me that, I will choose my career without blinking an eye.

Huge figure
It does happen to me like that, but I try as much as I can to maximize my potentials because I have always been big,even bigger than my age. Even at 14, you will think I was 30. It is even now that my age is actually corresponding with my size. I just try to maximize my potentials with my size and so far so good, I am not doing badly with myself at all. So, I think I love myself the way I am, what I probably need to do which is what I am doing right now, is to work on some areas of my body which is still maximizing my potential like I earlier said.

Handling male fans
I love it when the male fans come because I like to play games when I can, but it does not mean I do not know when to draw the boundary because I am in an affair, and I try not to take things for granted especially with some of them who want an affair with me. But those who come for friendship, if you want to be my friend, no problem we can share interests together. So I know how to handle every male fan that comes my way, in fact, I give them what they bring.

Sexual harassment
This issue of sexual harassment is one that I always love to leave for individuals because it happens everywhere, but the fact that sexual harassment comes in exchange for roles, I think it is something that has been overblown; because the industry of today is so challenging that you just have to be up and doing. So I really pity those who think that sex will get them roles. It can only place you on a path in life, but if you do not maximize what you have, if you do not try to improve on everything that you do, you will be stagnant. I really don’t know, it’s an individual thing.