Chief Jimoh Aliu, MFR, is a veteran Nollywood movie producer, and the founder of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners(ANTP). In this interview with Ayo Idowu, he expresses his rage on the lingering row among practitioners in ANTP and the suspended election.

Did you expect such unjust outrage on the ANTP Election Day?
Why would I? We asked Dele Odule, Victor Asaolu, Yemi Solade and others if they were ready to comply with our decision, and they said they were ready. We went ahead and eventually nominated Asaolu. They agreed, until we discovered later that the table was turned around the following day.

Now that you have a caretaker committee, what is your next step?
The office of the caretaker committee that was appointed by Jide Kosoko while he was the president was annulled. We, the elders, came together, to appoint another set of executives, while they concluded the election. Even the ones we appointed have exceeded their tenure. Now, we are stepping aside. Let them go ahead to conduct the election and whoever wins, takes over.

Kola Olaiya who announced that the ANTP election had been suspended, was there when during the inauguration of the alleged illegal executives in Lagos. Is this true?
There is nothing I can say about this. I am a senior citizen in the country, my integrity matters. I have to watch what I say or do.

As the founder of the association, and an elder amongst them, what do you think is a solution to the lingering row?
They have all neglected the elders. They don’t accord any respect to the elders anymore. Listening to elders’wise counsel, will definitely be a sure solution to the entire controversy.

When the election was annulled and suspended, you almost shed tears and you concluded saying it was the law of karma. How do you mean?
Thank you. I said that because when Ade-Love was the president, Jide Kosoko single-handedly instructed that Ade-Love and everyone be deposed, calling us thieves. As if that was not enough, he announced that the association would be dissolved. Ade-Love responded that he would voluntarily resign, and watch them manage the association with the blotting eyesore. Now, the same is happening to them. What goes around comes around.

As an elder in the fold, what do you intend to do, to correct the entire outrage?
The little I can do is getting a man who is not too busy to lead the association rightly; a man who will be devoted, committed and loyal. The best I can now do to achieve this, is to pray for them. As I told you, I am stepping aside.

Do you have a candidate for the position?
No. Not anymore. Initially, it was Victor Asaolu, but things have changed.

Asaolu is not well known in the industry and he is not popular, do you think he can lead rightly?
He is well known in the industry. The people outside the industry may not know him. We do not need someone that is known by the people, we need someone that can lead rightly.

Why do you think Asaolu can lead rightly?
A very busy man who goes from one location to another, and from one country to another, cannot lead rightly. When I was the president, I did not shoot a movie for four years, I was always in my office in Lagos.

If this row persists, don’t you see it dissolving the association?
Well… we don’t pray for that. If there is no disagreement, there won’t be room for agreement. They are all getting tired now.

When is the next election?
It will be announced soon.