A Ghanaian actress of Greek lineage, Nikoletta Samonas popularly known as Nikki, has said that she will prefer taking off her clothes in a Hollywood movie rather than in Ghanaian movies.

Her reason is that doing such a thing in Ghana does not pay. Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, the advertising model turned actress also said the worse of it all was that explicit sex scenes in Ghana were not properly done, hence she had never thought about inculcating such roles into what could be described as her dream roles.

“I have not played any explicit sex scene before. No I have not. But if somebody gives me a huge sum of money to play explicit in Hollywood I will but in Ghana, no.” “In Hollywood, you take off your brassieres and they are giving you 10,000 dollars. Taking off your cloths, it is like 10,000 x 5.

Besides in Hollywood, they do explicit sex scenes in a tasteful way. It is not like how we do it here. Hollywood makes it look better, you see what I mean,” she told NEWS-ONE.

Asked how far she could strip in a Hollywood movie if the opportunity presented itself, this what Nikki has to say: “I have my limits. I can’t strip below my waist.” The slim actress is a calm and easy going person. Her dad is a Greek and mom is a Ghanaian but she has stayed in Ghana all her life.

She had her basic school education at Deks Junior High School in Tema and continued at the Holy Child Senior High School in Cape Coast, after which she entered University of Science and Technology, where she read BA Communication Design. Nicky had a stint with the movie industry few years ago, after she was given a minor role by Abdul Salam in his Venus Film’s hit movie, ‘Beyonce’ while she was in the university.

After, she was called by AA production for her first major role in ‘Pretty Queen’. Since then she has kept rising and doing better. Currently’ she has a number of movies to her credit. Among them are ‘Beyonce 1&2’, ‘War of Roses’, ‘Desperate Measures’, ‘Deadly Obsession’, ‘Pretty Queen’, ‘Wrong line’, ‘DNA Test’, Red Label, and more.

She graduated last year and is ready for a full-time movie career. However, she has also landed a job with Charterhouse, a major event organizing company in Ghana, to start hosting one of the company’s TV programmes. “Acting was never in my plans. It was modeling. I started with advert modeling on TV before Salam brought me into the movies,” she said.

She did ads for Septrin soap in 2008, TiGo telecommunication network between 2007 and 2008 and Eclat gel in 2009. Nikki feels she has not gotten her big screen break yet. This is because her best movie is still not out. That movie starred Yvonne Nelson and Jim Iyke and she played a deranged person. People recommended her output on the set for that movie and she hopes this would be her best so far.

That role, she said, gave her the opportunity to get jobs in Nigeria because people were fascinated by it. Even though she thought that was challenging role to play, she said her first major role in ‘Pretty Queen’ was also a challenge.

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