Actress Laide Bakare in this interview talks about how she got in to acting. What attracted her to her husband and why she will not play a nude scene. Laide Bakare OKunfolurin in her own words.

I was born in Lagos and in my early 30’s. I am the fourth child of six children five girls and a boy. My father is from Ibadan in Oyo State and my mother is from Osun State. Growing up was fun my sisters were friends so we all had fun. I had my primary and secondary school education in Lagos. I later left for University of Ibadan to do a diploma course in Theatre Arts. After my course I came back to Lagos to do a degree course in University Of Lagos where I studied History and Strategic studies.

A lot of artistes use my father’s hotel B.S. Bakare Holiday Inn in Ibadan when on location. It was on one of those occasion that I met some of the actors and producers. It was my father’s birthday and we had planned a surprise party for him at the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we found that some of the well known artistes had lodged in the hotel. And that was how I met with some of the actors and producers. I was friendly and helpful to them and we became friends. This was in 1996, I was about starting my diploma course in University of Ibadan. A year later I started acting. I played the lead role in my first acting job.

I do mostly Yoruba movies but I have also featured in some English movies. I have produced more than ten movies. I don’t go looking for script. Producers invite me on set based on what I have done .Acting has open several doors for me. I enjoy what I do. I just wish I can go out and do whatever I want without any restrictions. That is the only disadvantage for me. I love acting and because I get to play all sorts of characters that is exciting for me. As a little girl I wanted to be a broadcaster but I didn’t make my JAMB so I had to settle for Theatre Arts. Acting gives you a lot of frredom I don’t think I want to do anything else.

The movie industry in Nigeria is still at it’s crawling stage. We are not there yet. Except if we want to deceive ourselves No doubt we are doing our best to improve. We have great talents good stories but technically we are not there yet. We need the government and corporate world support for the industry to grow.

I can’t do a nude scene whatever price the producer offer. Besides I am married to a wealthy man. So I am not short of cash. The fact that I am an actress does not mean that I have to play all the roles that are thrown at me. I have the right to say yes or no.

I have never dated any actor before. Because I had no reason to. I have never been attracted to one. So I guess that’s why. I don’t see anything wrong in actors and actress dating.

Yes I have heard stories. But it has never happened to me. I have never had such an experience because I have never been desperate. A lot of people can read desperation. So if you are then they will take advantage of you. While I was in the university I turned down several productions that clashes with my studies. So acting for me was not a do or die thing for me.

I met my husband in 2005 at the airport while waiting for a flight. I had just graduated and I was going for my Youth Service . He came to the airport with his junior brother who was a friend of mine. The brother was also travelling on the same flight with me. His brother introduced us. He was very nice a perfect gentleman he helped me with my luggage. He was a very intelligent man. And that was what attracted me. I am not crazy about looks.

My husband live and work abroad. The fact that he lives abroad is no problem. It gives me time to work. Because when he is in town I turned down a lot of acting jobs so I can spend more time with him. He loves what I do and encourages me. He has been living abroad for a while so he is more westernized. We have a little daughter and hope to have two more children