Top Actress,Stephnora Jacob is beautiful and delectable.She is one of the popular actresses in the South South.Steph made her first mark in the Movie Industry in 2006,with her own production titled Keeping Cool.Since then,this Abia-born entertainer has played visible roles in numerous movies.In 2007,she broadened her scope in the entertainment business when she delved into Radio and TV production Steph was one of the hot presenters on Rivers State Television.

Years ago,her romance with Port Harcourt based singer,Mega SP hit the rocks,and she accused Mega of cheating on her with a female singer,Soty.She later dated a rich oil mogul from Denmark,but still the same story.Stephnora seems to walk out on her men each time they cheat.

Steph has since put all that behind her.She is now engaged to a white American (lets pray he dosent cheat!).The talented star actress stepped out recently at the movie premiere of Motherland that held at Atlantic Hall,Hotel Presidential,Port Harcourt,where she was a co-compere.BUNMI DUROJAIYE had a chat with her for and she spoke about her life and career.

You have been off the scene for a while now,what have you been up to?

I have been busy working on different sets of movies,like Warrior’s Anger,Warriors And The Cross,Naked Girls and Kingpin.

Which of these productions is the most recent?

They are all brand new,should hit the markets any moment soon.But the last one I w orked on was Warrior’s Anger,I love the story.

I can see a ring on your finger,are you engaged?

Sure thing.

Who is the lucky guy?

Aaron Lampinen

A Nigerian?


What does he do for a living?

He’s an Engineer,with Amada America in Los Angeles.

Do you have anything against Nigerian guys?

Absolutely not.I love my Naija guys.

Why Aaron Lampinen?

He’s different,he’s got it (Laughs)

Will you be shuttling Nigeria and Los Angeles?


Let’s talk about the movie Motherland…

It’s a great movie starring talented and renowned actors.The concept is superb,it’s an insight on power tussles,power and crisis in politics and between politicians.I commend the turn out of Nollywood stars at the premiere,it was all colourful and awesome.Motherland will be a success,and kudos to Hon Charles Nsiegbe(now late) and his Creeklegg Productions for a job well done.

People worry about your new relationship,that it might end up like others,is it based on love?

I can tell you with all sincerity that this is based on true love.It is a thing of the heart,our hearts connected and this is what matters.

There was this controversy about you and Soty fighting over Mega SP,how were you able to survive the controversy?

Those were baseless rumours.It didn’t bother me.Soty was a guest on the first episode of The Stephnora Jacob Show along with Duncan Mighty,if we were rivals,it would have been impossible for me to have her on my show.

What happe ned to Positive Vibes With Stephnora on RSTV?

Someone else presents the show now.Its now just Positive Vibes.

Was it easy to walk away from that show?

No,it wasn’t.I won Niger Delta Advancement Awards VJ of the year 2008 with Positive Vibes.Leaving the show was something I didn’t want to do,but had to do.

Are we expecting any changes in your lifestyle by the time you eventually marry?

I’ve never been married before so I wouldn’t know.

Thanks for your time Stephnora.

My pleasure.