Popular fitness coach and ex-hubby to Toke Makinwa, Maje Ayide, has been silent for a while but his babymama, Anita Solomon, has been making headline for a while now.

Anita who has been making a name for herself since revealing g her affairs with Maje, has disclosed that she can’t sit and depend on her man as she has both full time and part time job paying her bills.

She further disclosed that she derives happiness in settling disputes and bringing people back together as she is ever ready to teach people what she does.

According to her, “So I’m learning how to take a selfie, laughs! Learn how to do what you love real good. No one else is gonna pay you what you think you’re worth. I have a full time job…lucky me, and a part time job I love more. As a mediator I see a lot of people in distress, and it pleases me when we settle disputes and bring people back together. As an internet entrepreneur, I love helping people create the lifestyle they desire. Making money online has been quite fulfilling, teaching people how to do what I do is the bomb.”