The Nigerian entertainment industry is fast growing and fresh actors are joining the industry on a daily basis. Benizir Abdurrahman is one of the new comers and she is making good use of her talent. Benny, as she is popularly called, is also a model who has done jobs for popular brands. She has featured in about five movies and her career seems to be looking up. She speaks on her acting, modeling career and her love life.

How long have you been acting?
Just recently, I started acting this year and I have featured in five films. Two of them are out, and they are epic films.

What was the reaction of your parent when you started your acting career, were they supportive?
I will not say that they are fully in support of this because they actually wanted me to do something else, not the acting thing. They are talking about school and I made them understand that I have plans of going to school but for now I want to concentrate on acting and modeling.

You said you also model, what about your modeling experience?
Yes I do model and it is a good experience. I am also into pageants too.

Which pageant have you participated in?
I have not actually participated in any beauty contest, I do more of the fashion shows, I do runways. I did for City people and Agbara Asa. Agbara Asa is a local African attire stuffs, they showcase African attires. I have worked for them too.

So, how did you get into acting ?
It was actually through a friend. It was a friend that I met two years ago in Abuja her name is Patricia Agu. She encouraged me to go into acting but at a point I lost contact with her and after I got back to Lagos, I met another girlfriend called Queen Essien who actually introduced me to some of the producers. On my own too, I met a couple of producers that came to me that they will like to use me for their films and all that. That was how I found myself in the acting profession.

With your little experience in the movie industry, what is your perception on the reality of sexual harassment in Nollywood?
Personally, I have not experienced it but I have heard people talk about it.

So you have not been sexually harassed even as an upcommer?
I have not been sexually harassed.

Aren’t you lucky?
I am very lucky, but I believe that they have not come because they have not seen or really know me and I don’t pray to experience such. So I am actually avoiding it, I am going far from it.

You said your parents did not particularly support you, so, how were you able to convince them?
So far, I have not played any role that exposes my body or that requires me to act nude, and if I am asked to play a nude role, I will never do it because that will not impress my parents for them to even allow me to continue the acting thing, so I play responsible roles, roles that will portray me well before others.

So if you are offered one million dollars to play nude, you will not do it?I will not do it.Why will you not do it?
Because my parents will not be happy with it.

Is it out of the fact that you want to impress your parents?
I will not do it, not only because I want tot impress my parents but the kind of background I come from does not permit to do a thing like that. The money is not a big deal and not until I act nude before I can be somebody in life.

So who is that lucky guy in your life or are you a virgin?
No I am not a virgin, I have a man and we are getting along very well.

Can we meet him?
I think that is private.

Who is your kind of man?
I love a quiet, cool headed person that is focused, someone that knows what he is doing and a cute and tall man because I am tall and I don’t need a short man in my life.

So you won’t opt for a short man?
No I won’t.

Why, is it because you are tall?
Not really but I believe I should have a man that I am compatible with, somebody that is as tall as I am.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a very nice and accommodating person but I can be very bad tempered but I am putting that in check.

What was growing up years like, where did you grow up?
I grew up here in Lagos, I went to primary school in Lagos and I had my secondary education in Abuja.still growing. I am only twenty.

Who is your role model?
My mum is my role model. She is everything to me, she is the only one I can call my role model.

What is your dress sense like, are you a flamboyant person?
I am a very colourful person, I love colourful things but mostly I wear white colours.

Why, are you that spiritual?
No I am not, I just love white color and most times I sleep with white undies. I wear white under and yellow.

Would you describe yourself as a sexy person?
People call me a tom boy but I don’t know why. I wear sexy ladies wears but they still say I behave like a Tom boy but for me I see myself as a sexy person. I cant tell myself what I am but it is people that will be able to say.

How busy is your sex life?
Not very busy Why? Because I have other things doing