Young and emerging actress , Rosabelle Iyafokhai, says when comes to relationships and fidelity she can only the partner a single chance to cheat on her; and might only accept him back if he is truly remorseful.


the former Miss Face of Culture, Edo State and former Miss Big World, Abuja says if it happends again she will kiss the partners a final good bye and wait for her man who will find completeness in her to come along even if the cheating partner should confess love to the moon and back.

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“For me, if my man cheats on me once and he’s truly remorseful, I might take him back but if he does it again, it means goodbye,” she quipped.

when asked how she would handle a cheating partner. “First of all, people cheat for different reasons best known to them. If he cheats on me once and again it means there’s something lacking in me that he sees elsewhere. I would just let him go and wait for the right person for me,” she added.

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The Ambrose Ali graduate of English and Literary Studies and Chief Executive Officer of Triumphant Belles World, said it doesn’t matter whether the man still loves her or not, adding that cheating simply means she’s not good enough for him.

“For every man, there’s a woman and vice versa. I can’t put up with continuous cheating just because he loves me. He has to make up his mind, me or his sexual preference,” she said.