Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, is a year older as he just turned 39 and having reflect back at his life so far, he feels fulfilled.

Speaking about his new age, he explained that he can’t wait to be 40 years of age because it being said that life begins at 40.

According to him, he hopes to start another phase of life when he turns 40 which according to him, he has seen a lot and still observing the transition of things.

“They say life begins at 40, I wish I was turning 40 because I want to begin life, lol. 39yrs today though, I am blessed and he grew in wisdom & stature. Many times I get poetic but this time I am keeping it simple. I am beginning to see life with my 3rd eye. I thank you all for the love, the hate & the support. All worked out for my good. My story is still in progress. God is on my side and that same God bless you. My life, My Success Story, I am humbled,” he said.