A Seed Favour, a home video, which preaches against segregation in the church, co-produced by Pastor Larry Koldsweat, one of the pioneers of Nollywood, was presented to the public recently at the headquarters of the Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI) in Calabar. After the presentation, Koldsweat spoke with Correspondent, Bassey Inyang, on the importance of the film to Christianity and the society in general. Excerpts…

What motivated you into producing A Seed Favour?

I think it has a lot to do with segregation. We call ourselves brothers and sisters, but this is not true for a lot of us Christians. Unbelievers take each other on trust. It is all about segregation and discrimination in the House of God. The House of God is supposed to be clear. We are supposed to be our brothers’keeper, but we turn it into a political arena where if you do not belong to this camp, you will not get this. There are a lot of things. A lot of people do not go to church not because they do not want to go to church, but because, if what they see in the environment is what is being played in the church, then there is no need. How can someone be calling a human being an outcast, an **Osu**, somebody created by God in his image, yet we are Christians. Unbelievers do not do certain things we do in the church. Some people would tell you “I was battered in the church and I refuse to go to church again.” Anyway that is not an excuse to stay away from the church.

What, in your view is the way out of this segregation and politicking in the church?

My suggestion is that in the House of God there is no Jew or Gentile. The Bible says holiness unto the Lord, without which nobody receives the Lord. He says “Be ye holy for I am holy”. Why should I be scared of you if you are a Christian? I started my Christianity under the tutelage of Dr Mike Okonkwo of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission before I branched out. I did not meet Dr Emma Isong by accident.

I came to shoot a movie here and that was how we met. One thing led to another. Keppy (Ekpeyong) brought me to shoot a film here. I said let me see this man. I read about him in Newswatch Magazine. But when I came, the spirit of God spoke to him that I was coming. He is a prophet like I am. He is a very honest man. He is a man who can do good things because of Jesus, and such men interest me. He is my spiritual father and I have witnessed serious prophetic uplift. The word and grace he carries have been transferred to people he comes very close with. If you are very close to him, you know there is grace every man of God carries. You cannot quantify it.

Some people do not like watching Nigerian movies because you can predict the end from the beginning. Are you assuring that this is going to be different?

One thing you should know is that this is a first movie. You may not expect 100 per cent perfection because you are acting with people who have never acted before. But at least, give them the first time out. They did well. It is star-studded. Zack Orji, Alex Osifo, Desmond Elliot, Uche Elendu, Patrick Doyle, Sunny MacDon, myself and a host of others.

Why did you make it a star- studded film given the fact that it is meant to convey the message of love and oneness in the church?

I need people who will interpret the role. Look at the Super Eagles for instance. You cannot compare the Super Eagles of the 1990s with what you have now. They were dedicated people who played for the love of the country. When you watch them deliver, you would be happy. I have this commission from God, “Go and make movie stars among my children.” If unbelievers can produce movie stars, why can’t we produce movie superstars? I don’t go for less.

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