Nollywood actress and super model, Princess Chineke, product of New York Film Academy, who has featured in many movies and soap operas such as Ladies Cult, Tarima, Papa Ajasco, Bola’s Place, Echoes, Heroes and Zeroes, Rebound (shot in USA), Cut in the Middle,
Where the Heart Lies, Courtesy of Vengeance, and Prize of Stardom has announced that she can still go with any man that catches her fancy even as she is engaged.

“A man should guide you in achieving your dream. I met a guy sometimes ago who insisted I leave the movie industry and work in the bank. It is selfish. Does he know if it is what I wanted to do? I see it as a prison. The woman too should be able to bring out the best in her man.

My ideal man I’m not sure I’ve met my ideal man. You might think you have seen him and he changes. People change. Even the woman can change. I am still scrutinizing. Even if I’m engaged, as long as I’m not married, I’m still searching. I am not really a feminist. But I have a strong passion for the feminine gender.” These were her words.