When Skiibii Mayana announced that he was leaving Five Star Music last year , music lovers wondered how he would survive alone . Speaking with Sunday Scoop , the singer said he had become a better musician and person since parting ways with his former bosses, Kcee and his brother , E -Money.

“ I am hundred per cent a better person since I left Five Star Music . When I was at Five Star , I didn ’t think I could shoot a video on my own .

But it is a different story now. Apart from music , I can do a lot of things on my own .

Now , I can take care of my family and pay salaries . When I was with Five Star , I didn ’t always have money; I was a boy .

If I went to a show , we would share the money and my percentage couldn ’ t take care of my responsibilities .”

Admitting that he was yet to do a lot this year , he said he had plans to release four more songs before the year ends . He said , “I have not done a lot this year .

I have just released one song, Skibobo, but I plan to drop four songs before the year runs out . I have been busy with other things , which have affected my music .

But from this month, I will start putting out new materials .”

According to him , anytime he remembers his days in Surulere , Lagos , he is always thankful to God . Skiibii recalled , “I started from nothing .

At the time I was staying in Surulere , we had 32 rooms and one toilet. But I have my own house now . I am a proud of myself and my family is happy for me .

Even before I became Skiibii , I was working hard . Kcee saw me and told his manager to look for me . I met with them and we started doing things together .”