He hit the music scene with a force, and since then, he has done so much to sustain his presence. Who is Buga? What is the magic of his successes in the music industry? His real names are Jesse Adedayo aptly dubbed Buga. It was indeed an interesting encounter with Tope Olukole recently.

What actually led you into music ?
It’s what I loved doing right from the beginning. Nobody forced me into music. Even in our family, everybody plays a different kind of instrument and the ladies are singers too. It’s a royal family of entertainment.

How do you feel while on stage?
Ah, I feel great, I feel happy. There is something in me whenever I’m doing it; I see myself as a great person, when people are watching or listening to me. It’s a privilege.

Buga happened to be the hit track that brought you into limelight, how do you feel?
I feel great; it’s the work of God.

What is your relationship with Busola Oke, popularly known as Eleyele.
Well, she is just a friend. As a musician, you meet different colleagues in the industry and become friends. There is no big deal in that.

There is a rumuor that both of you have something in common?
No, she’s just a friend. Actually, she is with Afeesco Films, which happens to be my marketer as well. That is the only thing we have in common. I don’t like to talk about my private affairs, but I am married to many queens in my palace because I am a king.

People say Buga uses the same concept with Lagbaja, how will you classify your own kind of music?
Well, I will say I play contemporary highlife. The reason I say contemporary is that it’s not pure highlife, where there will be the trumpet, the Iya ilu, and other instruments as in the olden days. What we do is just to play on it to make it look more of highlife but not pure. People still enjoy it.

Tell us more about your new album, Jeje; what informed the title?
Jeje is just like a warning message to the society because that’s what is happening everyday, everywhere. I just decided to do the song when the inspiration came and I see it as a good thing that will enlighten the society.

How has stardom affected you?
I see myself as a free person, people come around, but I call them my clients and I know how to handle them.

What kind of woman turns you on?
My kind of woman should be the type that sees beyond what I see, because I am the type that thinks ahead to what is going to happen tomorrow, that’s just it.

Let’s have a critical look into your family and educational background.
My real names are Jesse King Adedayo. I come from a royal family of 6 –3 boys and 3 girls. I attended Ondo State University, now UNAD. I studied Economics Education and I am from Ondo State.

Any embarrassing moment?
There are, but I can’t point at one for now.

For you to have set up a band, it would have taken you a long process or how do you feel?
It’s not easy to set up a band, but as the leader of a band, I tell my band members what I want and they all obey. We do have some misunderstandings, but we settle them before they go out of hand.

Who are your godfathers in this game?
I don’t have any godfather. The only one I have is God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, but I have people I respect so much like the late Bobby Benson, Rex Lawson.

The cap you normally put on, is it not too long and how many yards of cloth do you normally use to make it?
Very funny question. Yes it’s long. I actually use that as my own identity or symbol. If you see me in London or anywhere outside Nigeria, you will definitely recognise that this is an African from the west. But for the yards, I will not tell you.

What should your fans be expecting from you?
Yeah, they should be expecting something good from me. I love them.