In the ever buzzing Nigerian entertainment industry, some celebrities have been able to an extent set an agenda for their fans with the kind of perceived rich lifestyle they have been living in and that has caused some fans coming for them when some things don’t fall in place.

For Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, she is not ashamed of doing things she feel is right especially when it comes to eating as she recently shared a video of herself sipping garri while explaining that it is not a big deal for one to have such as meal.

While expressing her delight in whatever she feels like consuming, the actress stated that people should try not to be quick at judging others while calling on some of her colleagues and fans to be real and stop pretending to be what they are not.

“Now before a lot you take this out of context, drinking Garri doesn’t make you local, poor or less fortunate Na food! I need you guys to stop judging a person from his/her looks. You think a certain person will only live a certain way, Mba! Not me!

“Now, having said this, all you over packaged folks out here, breathe! Relax! Chill! It ain’t that serious! Acting like o le je èko kan tan, ero de Ni Gbo Gbo è! In this world where attaining success relies on over packaging, I’ll keep saying, I will continue to be myself regardless of what you may expect of me or what you’ve thought I should be,” she stated.