Though she opted to study banking and finance in the University, the 2006 winner of the reality TV show, Next Movie Star, eventually settled for the make-believe world.

This stickler for perfection, who no doubt, has an aspiration that is embodied in her big but yet impressive frame, is known and referred to many as Portia Yamahan.

It’s been three years down the lane since she was crowned the next Movie Star queen and this beautiful lady had been on the spotlight jumping from one location to the other and making commendable achievements for herself.

“Stardom has been wonderful and I have really been thanking God through it all. Whatever it is, whatever I have bargained for, whatever I am getting, I am thanking God.

“I came into Nollywood as a baby, I am still a baby and it’s been good and has given me the courage to move on and do more,” were the words that poured out of Portia’s mouth as she smiled sheepishly.

“Patience is one thing that I have learnt while in the reality TV show and this has stuck with me. I wasn’t really a patient person, I had to learn how to be patient and accept people just the way they are.

“It wasn’t easy living or putting up with 15 totally different species, some crazy, some annoying, some frustrating, some annoying, some cheerful and some loving. It wasn’t easy and I just had to put up with it all in the house. Some of them just wanted to frustrate your effort and this made me a stronger person,” she said.

Her experience in the 2006 edition of the reality TV show, Next Movie Star has formed some of the highpoints of her life and she believes she was with some of the best people, who just wanted to win the show and pursue their dreams.

“At a point in time, I felt so frustrated that I wanted to get out of the house but I was prevented from doing so by the organisers and when I was eventually announced the winner, I burst into tears because the guys got the game and they were always in front of the camera.

“I still communicate with all the housemates and we are now one big family. Funny enough, those that I felt were annoying and frustrating later said they did what they did because it was just a game for them and everybody wanted to win. Now I begin to appreciate every one of them and they are all doing nicely,” she said giggling.

She has been in the industry for three years running and she has over the few years built herself a network. Her humility is one that has continually stunned many and she believes the sky is just the beginning for her in Nollywood.

“A lot of things are taking shape in Nollywood right now and it’s worthy to say a big thank you to those that fought for the industry to be where it is today÷many actresses and actors have sacrificed a lot and a lot of things are taking shape. More money is being pumped into the industry and people are taking the business to a bigger and higher level.

“Gone are those days when marketers made producers shoot what they call ‘pure water flicks’ and all that but a lot of things are changing and people are beginning to see what Nollywood should and would eventually be. I am happy to be part of the change and as we all know the only thing that is constant is change itself.”

Portia has refused to limit herself to the screen and combines acting with producing movies.

“I have been coping. I didn’t limit myself to acting alone and I produced a flick of my own entitled Black Friday. It actually got eight nominations at the last AMAA (African Movie Academy Awards) and it’s been one of my major achievements.

“It is not yet out at the moment because I am trying to be careful and talking to the marketer, I wanted to try my ability as a producer to see what I could come up with and I’m so happy that the few people that have seen the movie love it that they can’t wait to get it.

“It’s not like a regular home video, it’s more about mistaken identity and the loss of an innocent life. It’s related to jungle justice, which is common in the country today.

“I would be starting off another production of my own as soon as this one hits the market because I have gotten another storyline, which would also wow people and movie buffs. I’m not blowing my own trumpet but the calibre of people I work with and my vision determines what I produce as a producer,” Portia said.

She has been able to maintain a lifestyle that is not tainted since she attained stardom and without doubt the men are coming. According to her she is coping with the influx.

“We give God the glory and of course, if you are a woman, no matter how ugly you are, you would always find men around you. We give God the glory for His direction and protection”.

“It is only with God that one can move around men and I thank God that I have been able to make wonderful friends among those men, people that I can share my joy with, people that are fun and it’s been great.

“The only thing I can see as being scary is not marriage but losing one’s spinsterhood, which is so precious to me and I love to have a family and I look forward to it. If it comes, we give God the glory.

“I can’t really say how soon, I intend to get married because it is God’s doing and I don’t know His plans for me. I have a relationship with God in heaven and with everybody including you!”