With the right statistics, she’s sure to flourish in the modeling industry at home and abroad. Anita Ubileniso Otto, an undergraduate in the Federal University of Port-Harcourt popularly known as Uniport, is new but rocking the modeling industry in Port-Harcourt with her styles and creativity in modeling. The ebony skin diva that is freshly pictured in the pages of the latest Wedding Jingle magazine launched in Port-Harcourt recently, was seen in Lagos contracting with a house hold name in fashion, (for a modeling contract you may say). In this up-close with Niger Delta Standard entertainment correspondent, Precious Werner Ahiakwo, the River State born up-to-the-minute model speaks about her singlehood, shares her challenges in the modeling industry and how the industry is being affected by people’s wrong perception. Enjoy.

Let’s get to know your background.

My name is Otto U.Anita. I’m from Ahoada West L.G.A, in my late 20s, from a family of three girls; I’m the first, a student and single, from a Christian home. I’m a fun loving person, down to earth and always tolerant.

What inspired you into modeling?

I don’t really know, let’s say it’s an inborn thing; it’s just there I really like it. I’m a free being; I like to know what lies beyond. It’s fun and it frees my spirit and the inner me.

How long have you been modeling?

Officially, one year. I didn’t really want to go into it at first, but was encouraged by the supports from acquaintances and my mum.

What are your statistics?

My statistics? Ooh, am 5’11, 34, 28, 34.

What are your set goals in modeling?

To be one of the crest models in Nigeria and outside, set good examples and standards and with time. Promote an industry that will bring up young minds and enlighten people of the wrong imagery some give to the profession.

What do you find most exigent about this profession?

The wrong awareness people out here have about it. It’s been misinterpreted.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the modeling profession today?

I repeat, it’s the wrong perception people out here have about it. A future model need more zeal encouragement and right fee, and not to be outsmarted.

Who is your favorite designer in the local and international scene?

Locally? I can’t say. I’m not into these designer things. I have my designer that makes me good clothes the pattern I want it. I get my things done with my own ideas, but internationally I’m down with Next and New Look.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

The free will towards the profession and the inbuilt spirit to love it.

What special skills do you have?

Skills! Ooh… let’s say I’m able to give to the perfect pix, model, message, and whatever, to whom I’m working for. It comes out naturally ,so can’t pick any skill for now, maybe modeling needs skill but I guess I’m just skilled when I work.

In your opinion, how does an ideal manager makes you successful?

Getting you the right jobs, sincerity, dedicated to go the extra mile with you, and, when you and your manager are honest and committed to what you do.

Evaluate your recent employer

I just started, I modeled for Wedding Jingles Magazine based in Port-Harcourt and others, and it was excellent and fantastic.

How available are you?


What motivates you and what makes you angry?

It motivates me when my employer is honest and I get angry when I’m taken for a ride.

Who is you role model?

The Almighty God. In modeling, Naomi Campbell and Oluchi.

How do you unwind?

I chill out with good friends at sports/dance bar, listen to cool music then dance the crazy ones because I like dancing, especially our locals

Is Anita married or single and ready to mingle?

I am single and mingling, no space! (Laughs)

How can you be contacted for a modeling deal?

For a deal, email [email protected]

What is your advice to upcoming models?

Be alert and focused, know what you are doing and not to be convinced into wrong things. Do not rush to get to the top f your career; it’s a step at a time.

Thanks for your time.

You are welcome!

By Precious Werner AhiakwoI for nigeriafilms.com