One time lover of popular Lagos big girl and fashionista, Toyin Lawani, Lord Trigg, is gradually letting the cat out of the bag as he makes attempt to speak up on his failed relationship with his woman which produced a son.

 Lord Trigg, recently came out to explain that he is a humble fellow and not bad the way he is being presented because he has lots of people that look up to him.

Rumour did have it that Lord was solely depending on the money of Toyin as he went about living a lavished lifestyle but he has set the records straight by making it known that he struggles to make a living for himself.

According to him, “I will forever remain a humble, truthful, blessed and the realest hommie outchea. My real people and close friends know how generous, loving and caring I am. I am ok with that, I don’t need to prove shi** to anyone else. The media go on misunderstanding shi** but no worries cause that’s what they do best. To let the negative people know IDGAF. why? Because I pay my moafxxxxkn bills and do a lot for my loved ones, none of yall know the struggle I gatta pass through everyday just to survive… I got lots of people looking up to me, so eff your thoughts…. on the other hand, I know the truth will be out soon.. So my dear, quit acting like the victim when you the real villain. I am done covering yo ass. I ain’t gonna say nun but yall gone know the truth pretty soon. But in the meantime ama just keep being me and living this blessed life God gave me. cheers. South god.”