It was last year the N632million one-level Mediterranean mansion in Westlake Village, California of Dencia was shown to the world.

 There was a total meltdown on the social media when this palatial house that has five bedrooms, six baths, a four-car garage and a jacuzzi in the master bedroom was said to belong to Dencia. How did Dencia make her money?

Dencia has earn the wrath of many people with her Whitenicious product and she is still fighting people like Lisa Raye McCoy who spoke against her the beauty cream during a radio interview. Dencia has finally revealed how she makes her money everyday

She wrote on the social media. “I make $ in my sleep. I don’t sleep 4 $,” she had  captioned the screenshot of her figures, and then revealed that she made $600k in 10 days, and she them added, “#DontComapreMeWithThem.”

This is a huge amount of money.  She is still waiting for anyone that may challenge her with her figures. Meanwhile, She has made it clear that no one will have access to her private life writing, “My life is still super private,” adding, “No one will ever know who I am dating or date, when I have kids, etc. People only know what you put out.”