One thing we at have decided to do is to showcase the stars both in front and behind the camera. As the stars look good up front there are several people that contribute to making that happen; the producers, directors, scriptwriters, make up artistes, costumiers etc.

Today we are showcasing someone one that is instrumental in making the stars look their best or …. If the case calls for it, their worst! That person is Make-Up Artiste, Temisan Etsede (T.E). This sometime actor, model and artiste sat down with (NWU) and gave us the lowdown on what it entails to be one of the most sought after make-up artistes in the business.

NWU: Hi Temisan. Good to see you!
T.E: Hi Bola ..same here.
NWU: For the benefit of those who don’t know you, tell us who you are and what you do.
T.E. Okay, my name is Temisan Isioma Etsede and Im a makeup artiste. I do make up for most productions in Nollywood today.
NWU: What type of make up do you do?

T.E: All types! Normal everyday make up, bridal makeup, make up for special effects such as creating wounds, aging, making bodies rotten etc.
NWU: Wow! How do you get to do that?
T.E: You know I can’t tell you that! Its my trade secret! (laughter)
NWU:How did you get into it? Did you go for any training?
T.E: Funny enough no! I kind of stumbled into it. I had a childhood Sobifaa Diminas; ( legendary makeup artiste)Dagogo Diminas junior brother. He used to assist his brother on location so I started going with them on location and helping out and they were impressed. When Dagogo left and went to South Africa, and handed everything to Sobifaa, he saw the passion in me and took me on as his own assistant.
NWU: What was your first job on a movie set?
T.E: ‘Dishonoured’(1999) produced by Ralph Nwadike and starring Hilda dokubo, KOK, Stephnora Okere. Sobifaa brought me in to assist him on that set. It was quite an experience for me watch the stars up close and even make them up!
NWU: After that?
T.E: After I did ‘Borderline, Ijele, that was an epic that starred Sam Dede, Genevieve Nnaji, Larry Koldsweat etc
NWU: Since then how many films have you done makeup on?
T.E: Cant remember…must be over 100!
NWU: Is it fair to ask if you have any favourites?
T.E: I can’t say I have any favourites but I will say there are some I’m most proud of and found most challenging.
NWU: Which ones?
T.E: A film called ‘Witches’ directed by the late Ebere Onwu. It required for a character to have a part of his body rotten, with maggots coming out. I was stumped on that one so I took a walk … and prayed! By the time I got back I had the inspiration to do the job. The producer was very pleased with me on that one. The one Im most proud of is a recent job. The film is yet to be released. I got to work with an international cast and it was a great learning experience for me.
NWU: Which film is that?
T.E: It’s a film directed by Jeta Amata called ‘Inale’ and featured Nigerian-British actors like Hakeem Kae Kazim from ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and ‘24’ as well as Carol Chikezie who is a Hollywood actress. It also featured Ini Edo and Keppy Ekpeyoung Bassey. I got to do normal make up and special make up on them.

NWU: Nice! I notice you do acting too … what we in Nollywood call ‘Waka pass’ (General laughter)
T.E: Yes o! I have acted as an extra on several of the sets where I have done make up on. I don’t know… they say I have a good physique and all that. Is that true?
NWU: Are you asking me?
NWU: Did you as an African man experience any problem when you first entered this business?
T.E: How do you mean?
NWU: I mean… didn’t people think it was a woman’s job to be messing about with make up, hair etc? Also you touch women faces and bodies a lot! Has that been a problem for you personally?
T.E: First of all, Im a professional. I see it as a job.. a doctor treating his patients so when Im at work my mind is only intent on getting the job done. Then secondly, doing make up in Nollywood can be very stressful. You hardly sit down for two minutes. You are always on your feet, sometimes overnite, making sure there’s no sweat on the actor’s face, make up is perfect, or the wound is bleeding right etc. We work under very tough conditions. The (filming) lights are very hot so once they put it on every one starts sweating like mad! We work in the blazing sun too especially when we are shooting an epic outside, so in many ways it’s a job for a man but women are free to come and do it…if they can cope!
NWU: So what next for the Itshekiri man from Delta state?
T.E: Well, I have done some modeling, and even singing but my heart is in Make up. I hope to open a school to raise up more Make Artistes for the industry.
NWU: Impressive! Oh-uh! I can see they are calling you on set!
T.E: Yes… you see what I mean? They are saying ‘Makeup! Wake up! Like Im sleeping somewhere! (laughter) I have to run!
NWU: Okay let me let you get back to your job… All the best Temi!
T.E: You too Bola!

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