A lot of things come to mind when you mention the word cucumber. Especially since the lesbian tape of Chidinma, Miss Anambra went viral on the internet and when she used cucumber in pleasuring herself.

A couple who just got married said it was this same cucumber that brought their fate together.

The lady met the man identified as Enenhi Jonah who used to help the mother sometimes in her shop when she came to buy a big cucumber.

“We actually met at my mum’s shop, and most times when I am less busy, I do help her with sales. So on this faithful Monday morning, I saw this angel walking toward our shop to get some vegetables, and to my greatest surprise she said “i need a very big cucumber” and thanks to @teknoofficial LOL, I started singing i get big cucumber and the rest was history… @preentz_boss ,” the man said.

Today they are both married, thanks to cucumber. It seems this vegetable has some magical power of love (lol).