DJ Cuppy who is originally identified as Florence Femi Otedola is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire business tycoon Femi Otedola.

She is thought by many people to have gotten everything in life but the disc jockey queen has revealed that she still lacks something in her life.

From the look of things she is in need of the greatest asset Jesus Christ in her life.

From her recent post were she aimed at responding to a comment made by a fan who issued that “I need a DJ Cuppy in my life” well she used that medium to reveal that she in turn needs Jesus.

Responding to the post she said

“No, you need Jesus Even DJ Cuppy needs Jesus. #GodIsGreat”

Even when many will feel like I want to be like DJ Cuppy she has everything in life well she is still in need of Jesus.

She has the money, and she has found love while will she be need of Jesus again is what many people will be saying.

She recently rent out a cinema in Dubai all for herself and boyfriend to watch the Black Panther movie.