Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has vowed to expose bullies in the Nigerian movie industry as she demanded justice for 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni.

Abubakar made the threat on Tuesday on her Instagram page.

She noted that those alleged to have bullied Sylvester must be punished. The actress however added that there are also bullies in Nollywood.

“The perpetrators should be brought out and justice served. So Sylvester can have closure and finally Rest In Peace,” the actress wrote.

“Bullying is actually rampant. They keep covering it up. Am a border and I know how schools cover crimes in boarding schools. #justiceforsylvester #saynotobullying.

“They are right if you report, you snitched. Beating, molestation, punishments from seniors or even your own mate.

“Kindly stop and talk to your kids. Many more are hidden. Look even in Nollywood we have bullies and I will name them all.

“I repeated a semester in BUK because of bullies,” she added.