Veteran Nollywood actor, Saint Obi ?has squealed what he has been up to since his face became less frequent on television screens.

The former lover-boy actor also disclosed that he has started a record label and will be dishing out fresh songs with two other guys from the group, pointing out that he is now into the music world.

However, he denied acquiring a Mercedes G-Wagon worth N48m. The actor said instead of lavishing such an amount on material things, he will rather put it into charity or investing in people.

“I am not a perfect being but I am very distant from those things written or adduced to my person. An example, I never bought any G-Wagon valued at M48million.

“The real me is a very selfless person who will share my last N100 with the needy; who is constantly thinking of ways to impact positively on other people and society, at large. I don’t like talking much; rather I let my works do my talking. I believe that charity, just like being a fine person must start from inward; hence if you visit my village, Umuezealaeze Alaenyi, Ogwa in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State, I have done my little bit to help my people but more importantly inspire a new vision,” Saint Obi said in an interview.

He also said, “Through the Grace of God Almighty, I was able to destroy 2 big shrines in my village, sunk boreholes, did road repairs, empower the young and old.

“My actions are not limited to my village; in the cities, I am also constantly preaching against the Osu syndrome, crime, poor morals, religious and ethnic bigotry, the need to for education, amongst others; it’s possible to change the world and Nigeria if we only try.”