Nigerian rapper, Jidenna, who recently dropped his debut album The Chief which features some of his hit singles, including Long Live the Chief, was deeply inspired by Obama’s last address as president, especially because Obama shared that stage with his wife – the love of his life – and his daughter. In an inspiring message, he talked about love.

About Obama “That is a moment that changed me just as one person…that moment was so powerful for me. I don’t know any had ever done that before,” Jidenna said, adding it was so because “I never saw my parents in love.”

The rapper moved on to chip in on why he thinks African countries collaborate with China – a country they feel never took them into slavery. He also urged African American celebrities to invest in Africa. “There is no way to win if you don’t form a relationship with the African continent – no way. I guarantee you will same same results you have seen in the last 100 years,” he said,” I am not saying go back to Africa or anything like that. Visit, buy properties, do business and have pleasure…”

He continued, “What happens with that exchange is that the circumstances with black and brown people in this country will begin to change.” He also revealed his conversations with rapper Dakar, adding that this new interest is “something that will change circumstances. ” he said.